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The year was 2001. Philadelphia was overflowing with talent, and there was a real and distinct need for a media vessel to bring this fact to the forefront. Then in December, Anthony Caroto released the first issue of Origivation Magazine, giving original Philadelphia acts a range of exposure, the scope of which they had never seen.

Well, that scope grew and before you knew it, every musician in and out of the city wanted to be written in the pages of the magazine.  In 2006, honored, I took the reins of the magazine and continued to tell you about the local music scene, but I also branched out to captivate a larger audience.  In the last few years we featured some of the heavy hitters of the music world.  With known artists on our covers, we added to the local talent that this city had to offer.  With the hard work of our writers, editors, designers and of course our supporters, our distribution doubled in size and our online traffic quadrupled.

The one thing that was a constant obstacle was our brand, not everyone could remember the name.  I always heard, “THAT Magazine” when people outside of our world referred to us.   So after the years of pushing the issue I decided that the best birthday present to give ourselves was a new name and a new look.  So in 2012, THAT MAG is born.

It’s 2024, 12 years after the launch of THAT MAG we are still continuing to write about the best talent Philadelphia has to offer.  We always tell you about the heavy hitters and when they are coming to town, showcase the local talent through live performances, and sponsor the big festivals. In the coming months we will be doing more audio and video podcasts, giving out free concert tickets, contests and a more interactive website.  We want THAT MAG to be the one and only source for music goers to find what and who they are looking for.  So the one thing that will be consistent- you will learn to love THAT MAG!

Thank you for the past 22 years and for the years ahead!   THAT MAG is featured in Feedspot Top 25 Philly Music Blogs for 2024. read on.. 

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Killian, no stranger to the Philly music scene, spent her adolescent years going to shows and writing about them for her high-school Newspaper. From the young age of 14, she has been passionate about writing and sharing music. Killian has been with ThatMag for the last 4 years and for the last 2 she had been managing editor. In her free time she enjoys reading, traveling seeing live music, creative writing and practicing reiki.

Killian O’Neil

Music Editor